Jacketed Glass Reactors, Heart of Chemical Process System

In this article, we are going to discuss a Scientific Glass Equipment known as Jacketed Glass Reactor.Scientific Glass Equipment is widely used in laboratories and industrial research labs, chemical labs, and process plants, where pilot plants are used for capturing process data.It is a crucial stage in scale-up from laboratory to full-scale production plants. A reactor is an essential part of almost all chemical process units.It is rightly termed as the ‘heart’ of the system since it is the most critical component. A Borosilicate glass reactor offers a distinctive advantage of reaction visibility, which is impossible in other construction materials.However, traditional eating methods the contents of the glass reactor forced the users to compromise on the visibility advantage.This triggered the development of Glass Jacketed Reactor Vessels. Other advantages of borosilicate glass as a process media include its non-reactive nature with practically most chemicals.Also, it is highly corro…

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